E-18 Media Studios Washington DC

Digital Video Studio

Martin Sonnenberg

Executive Producer

Erin Hart

Senior Director

Scott Treibitz

Communications Strategies

Martin creates professional media that makes a difference. His talent designing productions and managing the collaborative team make ideas a reality. No project is too insignificant to merit his attention and he places his very best effort into what he does.


Erin has over twenty years experience with an extensive client list ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups. Her expertise includes producing product and service launches, press conferences, conventions, promotional, educational, historical and training videos. Her world-wide travels have demonstrated her confidence and courage to tackle any project with style and grace.


Scott leads Tricom Associates, a full-service communication firm that has been a long-time partner of the team at E-18. Scott offers communications strategies, media relations outreach, media training and comprehensive multimedia campaign.

Dean Tinnin

Senior Videographer, Editor, Producer

Neal Sonnenberg

Senior Editor

Kelsey Pace


Dean has a world of creative talent, in no small part because he has traveled the world developing it. Dean puts his diverse skills as a writer, producer and videographer to work providing our clients with media that have the rare capacity for capturing the imagination while projecting persuasive, newsworthy messages. "Creating from the heart is the only way to unleash the auteur within.”


Neal is a producer’s editor, creatively attacking political spots, campaign videos, training, PSA's, and social media messaging with enthusiastic instincts and hard-hitting graphic effects. His understanding of emergent technology keeps E-18 moving forward from web video to 12K theatrical projection.


Kelsey writes, designs and produces without fear. She delivers with a love for taking creative risks while paying attention to deadlines and details. For E-18’s clients her process translates into success.


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