E-18 Media Studios Washington DC

E-18 Studio Features

Digital Video Studio

Studio Set
E-18 Media
Green Screen
Control Room
Modular Sets
Audio Mixing
Lighting Grid
Multi-Camera Switcher
  • 32' x 24' full high-definition broadcast facility
  • 4 HD broadcast cameras - one studio, three PTZ robotic
  • Teleprompter
  • Lighting grid with LED soft lights and DMX-controlled fresnels
  • Full grip cart – C-stands, flags, floppies, silks, nets – hardware
  • Full audio for 1-4 speakers
  • IFB
  • Green screen and modular sets
  • Digital Hybrid and two analog phone lines
  • HD Switcher and remote camera control
  • Digital graphics station
  • Digital audio recording and booth
  • Two-way fiber connectivity to Verizon AVOC (audio visual    operations center,)
  • 100MB digital recorders and live digital encoding and web streaming

The E-18 Production Suites are networked through a media server with three work stations running full Adobe Creative Cloud software for editing, animation and graphic design, and can be expanded as needed. Dedicated field cameras, HD and 4K capable respectively are available, audio and lighting packages for field production including HMI and tungsten instruments.


In addition, E-18 represents a staff of veteran production crew that can assist with your needs or interface with personnel.

1750 New York Ave. NW Washington D.C. 20006  |  202-842-7555